• Hello,

    A friend of mine who has the 2nd place in the Eredivisie just made a total new account via VPN, just to be the manager of the team that I have to compete with this evening. He obviously does go on a training camp. Me myself can do nothing about it, because banning would take some time. Is there something else I can do about it? I know that he also has another account in the same competition (so that he has (at least) three accounts in one competition).

    Hope someone can help me out.


  • Correction: my friend has got the third place at this moment. He is playing with PEC Zwolle. His manager name is xpetertjex. His new account is Maikelinho23. And he (probably) also uses PattyWtje. All via VPN so that OSM just can't see his IP.

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    Same goes for me. Tonight to a manager who made a week ago but never been online comes online tonight and goes to training camp. The coincidence is that he used the names of our friends who are also in the league. We have mentioned him a few times but nothing is done.

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    and we think he is PSV Name: Herman07

  • Hi mate

    The only way to report a Cheater is through system. Just go on his profile and report him/her.

  • Please report it throught the system as described above.