Same goal difference at the end of the season.

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    I finished 2nd in Barclays Premier League. I have 100 points with Man City with Gf - 106 and Ga - 15. Whereas Spurs came 1st with Gf - 115 and Ga - 24. We both have goal difference with 91. I have a greater squad value. Idk how that team is supposed to be first and I'm second. He will achieve his season target even with 2nd place but I'll have a disappointing season with 2nd place even though I scored well and conceded​ very few! Very unfair. I need to know how this evaluation is done.

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    @Suhaas-Bhat Hi mate,
    Sorry to hear that you lost the league title this way but thats the way it is. He won the league based on the fact that his team scored more goals than yours.
    On ranking teams in the standings;

    • Most points
    • Most goal difference
    • Most Goals scored (unfortunately, this is what separated you too on the standings and fortunately for him he has more goals).
    • etc...
      I wish you good luck in your next league mate.