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    The FC of my heart is PAOK !!!
    I'm very proud to say that my town has three football clubs, which is a rare thing for a small European city like Salonica.
    In other words... We actually worship football !!!

    alt text

    PAOK F.C. , also known as PAOK Constantinopole, short for Panthessalonikios Athlitikos Omilos Konstantinoupoliton transliterated : Pan-Thessaloniki Athletic Club of Constantinopolitans and commonly known as PAOK is a professional Greek football club, a part of AC PAOK, based in Thessaloniki, Greece. They play their home games at Toumba Stadium, with a capacity of 28,703 seats.

    PAOK was established on 20 April 1926 by Greek Constantinopolitans who fled to Thessaloniki from the city of Constantinople (aka Istanbul ) in the wake of the Greco-Turkish War. Emblem of the team is a Byzantine-style double-headed eagle, adopted three years after the establishment of the club.

  • @SUPERNOVA-8 Igor Tudor from Croatia recently was the ehad coach of PAOK right? How was he doing and how come he got fired so quickly?

    As for me and my heart, there is a place only for the Royal Club a.k.a Real Madrid CF. Since the late 90's and early 00's when I started watching football I fell in love with the club and majestic legends who represented the club and I have been supporting them ever since. As one chant sais :
    "Como no te voy a querer, si fuiste campeón de Europa por undécima vez" - roughly translated : How am I not going to love you, you were champion of Europe for 11 times!" 😄 #HalaMadrid #HastaElFinal,VAMOSREAL!

    alt text

  • One Life, One Love, One Team, Arsenal FC! I have been supporting Arsenal for as long as I can remember. We have had our best moments (the Invincibles season) and bad times but we will always stick together. COYG! 🙂

    alt text

  • My heart team is São Paulo FC, known as São Paulo or SPFC. It is one of the most successful clubs in Brazil, and among its main titles are the six Brazilian Championships, three Libertadores Cups, two Intercontinental Cups and a FIFA Club World Cup. Is the third South American team with the highest number of trophies.


  • @SUPERNOVA-8 Same colours with PAOK, this is BEŞİKTAŞ
    alt metni

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    @Van-der-fier I know. Haha. Another OSM friend of mine from Turkey told me that about Besiktas , about a year ago or so. 😃 Very beautiful black & white pic btw, the second one with the eagle. :thumbsup_tone2: Is it a real eagle Oguz? 😲

  • @SUPERNOVA-8 nope, it is not real but it seems so 😄

  • I have two football clubs close to my heart as my family is split into 2 when it comes to football so I just chose both. Wolverhampton Wanderers and Liverpool FC. Wolves are currently going through a real tough time but Liverpool are playing some delightful stuff. If anyone can watch Liverpool and not be impressed then they do not like pure football.

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    @Van-der-fier said in The FC of Your Heart:

    @SUPERNOVA-8 nope, it is not real but it seems so 😄

    Haha. I just found a real one ! alt text

  • @SUPERNOVA-8 ahahah that's made my day 😄

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    So... Who's gonna be next to post in here ? 🙂

  • My heart team is São Paulo F.C 🙂


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    Every manager must feel free to post in here about his/her favorite football club. To share a few things about the FC of his/her heart. But nothing else than friendly posts and no spamming please. I hope you will all respect the peace of the forum.
    Thank you in advance my mates. 😃

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    In Egypt I Support Al-Ahly

    some information about Al-ahly Club

    alt text

    Al Ahly is the most successful club in Egyptian football history and Africa, having won a record 38 national titles, 35 national cups and 9 national super cups. In addition, Al Ahly has never been relegated to the Second Division. On the continental side, Al Ahly was named in 2000 by CAF as the African Club of the Century. The club has 8 CAF Champions League titles, 1 CAF Confederation Cup title, 6 CAF Super Cup titles and 4 African Cup Winners' Cup titles. Internationally, Al Ahly has won the Bronze medal in FIFA Club World Cup 2006 and 1 Afro-Asian Cup title.

    but In Greece I support Paok Because of his new egyptian player Amr Warda 😆

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    @mr.afroto Haha. Thank you so much for your lovely post Mohamed ! 😘


    in my country i support Espérance ONLY ❤ my favorite team 🙂


    About Espérance:

    Espérance Sportive de Tunis , also known as EST, or Taraji, is a sports club based in Tunis, Tunisia. It fields several sport teams, including football, handball, and volleyball.
    It is a team from Tunisia that was founded on January 15, 1919. The Stade El Menzah is the club's home stadium.

    Esperance in my heart, the best team ❤

    Also, I wish success for PAOK and Real Madrid 🙂

    Good Luck!

  • Nice topic!:)

    Spartak Moscow. Forever in my heart and on my heart:

    alt text


  • Thanks for the Great topic @SUPERNOVA-8 😄
    The FC of my heart is Manchester United, it's one of the biggest club in the world. I fell in love the first time at Manchester United when I was 8 years old 😄
    alt text
    and my dream is going to Theatre of Dreams, it's so far away from my home 😢 but No Dreamer is too Small and No Dream is too Big. Just Believe
    alt text

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    @Medvedini said in The FC of Your Heart:

    Spartak Moscow.

    Well, since I'm 40+ I believe I have every right to reply to this post of yours my friend. 😄 Haha. Nice tatoo . :thumbsup_tone2:

    This is SpartaK ! ⚔

    Greetings to Gentle Bear ... bearing the symbol of his internal love . 😉


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