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    HI there.

    I will just explain my situation. Till yesterday I was leading my competition with southampton.
    we are already halfway the competition and a few good teams like liverpool en manunited have retired managers and they are found on places 8 and 11.
    Few hours before the match i inspected Liverpool ( my next match) and it had no manager. It was cpu controlled. Then suddenly right before the match it suddenly got taken by a manager by the name *** with his crapteam and being on 8th place he INSTANTLY used a camp against me. He won against me and like 15 minutes after the result he retires and quit liverpool. Then the day after I had a match against manunited. He was also CPU controlled and had no manager. The exact same thing happened. Right before the match it suddenly got a manager by the name *** I get a camp against me and already at 20:20 minutes after the result manu is uncontrolled again.

    my problem is. There is no way to track WHO his main team is. the multi-account leaves moments after the match. and there is no strong connection with the 2 strong teams im competing with. Im 100% sure its one of the 2 teams im battling with for 1st place. He is smart enough to not log both accounts in the same minute and he is also smart enough to not trade players with his main team. he just uses his multiaccounts to manage the team im up against, uses a camp and leaves instantly after a win.

    Is there anything i can do? There is no way OSM will return the lost points to me and there is noone to bann cause the obvious cheating accounts already left the competition.

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    Hello @The-New-World-Order_NL,
    First, cheating will never be discussed on forums.
    You can report him with the cheat report tool that can be found on his profile.