Today when i put my players to train i think about the young players, i ever put him to train...

    And I had a question, does the game have some realism system where players are classified as talents and normal players? Does it have the maximum potential that a player can achieve? Do younger players enjoy more of their training than the more experienced? Do veterans also enjoy more than others (except young people)?

    And then this led me to another question, do veteran players (30+ years old) make less abrupt fouls, thus less yellow and red cards?

    Do players have statistics other than ATK / DEF / OVERRAL? Like pass, pitch, header and etc?

  • English Moderator

    Hello mate,
    younger players train more than the old ones. It has to do with age. The younger the player, the more they can train. There are no experts or super talented players in here. OSM don't separete them. As for the use of younger or older players. well mate, this is something that you have to find out playing this game...don't forget you are the manager....