Simulation time changed?

  • Today morning ( around 10 hours ago ), the simulation status of a league i made with my friends showed around 11 hours, but now it shows 21 hours left??
    I had kept preseason but that has already lasted for a long time, we were all excited to play against each other and now this happens, we dont know if we can do training or what?
    Server is Hakan, league is Nostalgia B League

  • ok irealized why, how to delete? sorry for disturbing

  • English Moderator

    Hi and welcome to OSM forum, you are not disturbing anyone mate, once you notice a problem or bug in the game it's always a good idea to report them or ask questions about what you are not sure of.
    Everyone is always welcome on the forum.
    Good to know you're clear now so I'll close this :ok_hand_tone2: