Players of same nationality

  • In officiale OSM page (italian version), it's been written:
    "I giocatori con la stessa nazionalità hanno una grande chimica insieme!"
    "Players with the same nationality play better together"

    Is it for real? Can someone of the staff confirm this?
    Thank you

  • English Moderator

    @simone.antonello Hi Simone ! :raising_hand_tone1:

    Sorry mate but I cannot confirm such a statement. Maybe it was something that used to work on older OSM versions when the scouting system was different too . But from what my personal experience tells me is that this thing about nationality does not stand anymore.
    I scout or buy new players of the TL of several nationalities for my squad. What interests me the most is their ratings , age and their prices to be reasonable ones of course.. haha.

    I'll leave this topic open to see if another staff or manager has something else to say or add. ;)


    Thank you for the reply!
    In facts, many italian managers had doubts about that statement, but......the post was made by official account so I asked if this was true

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