Round coins error - Urgent solution, please

  • Hello,

    I'm facing some issues since the game game update. The taxes for when you 'save' your money are not being applied to the money by the end of the round, so I ain't receiving the total that I should, and this is impairing with my progress in all my leagues.

    For example, one of them I have 115 millions on coins, was supposed to receive 5 millions per round playing at home, instead I'm receiving only 2,5 millions. I was planning on buying a good defender to keep the first place, would be able to buy him in two rounds, but couldn't because I didn't received what I planned to receive.

    So please, could someone help me with that?! I'm posting the photos of the post game situation, showing how much I should receive and how much I received, you can see by how many coins is saved, and how much I received.

    League 1

    League 2

    Mind that, unfortanetely, this error is occurring in all of my leagues.

  • Hi, welcome.

    What I would like to know is where are you looking for your interest bank balance or savings account?

  • @Hespera hello Hespera,

    I click on the top left, where my money appears and it shows the breakdown of what I'll get in the next game, if you check in the last image that I sent, I took 4 screenshots, in the pre-game it shows that I'll receive 2,3 millions of interest, it's in Portuguese so will show "juros", instead of taxes or interest. Even in that screenshot that shows the breakdown of the gains in the after match, show that I'll receive 2,3 millions + 1,2 million normal for playing outside of my stadium. But instead of receiving 3,5 million total, as said that I would receive in all images, I only received the 1,2 million for playing outside. I even took the screenshot of the breakdown and all my 115 millions still saved in the pig bank and only the 1,2 million that I just received in the actually account for spending.

    I'm sorry if my explanation it's a bit confusing, but if you check the images from my reply, they are in chronological sequence.

    This has been happening since I installed the new version of the game.

  • @Slogan-Pastoba I know that you sent those images, but interest will only added to your savings account.
    It seems that the images causes confusion about that.
    So the best thing to check it out is through website.

  • @Hespera okay, what you need me to do? I'll do it as fast as possible, because I'm almost losing the championship thanks to that.

  • Well easiest thing is to take full screenshots through website. That means with date and time stamp.
    One before and one after simulation, but I'm pretty sure you are mistaken and looking for interest on your clubfunds instead of your savings account.

  • @Hespera I didn't even know that I could use a website, I thought that only had the Facebook and phone plataforms. I'll show you later on today, my game is in 5 hours. If proven this situation, will you guys refund te money that I missed all these rounds?

  • @Slogan-Pastoba As you can understand we are not going to promise anything at forehand.
    But we will be waiting for those screens.

  • No respons and screenshot, so time to close this.

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