Only two French Cup shirt sponsors?

  • Anybody observing the French Cup final recently may have noticed that, instead of the Fly Emirate typeface, Paris Saint-Germain went out onto the field with sponsorship from a betting company, PMU; their opposition, Angers, were sponsored by CAF (your guess as to who they are is as good as mine; apparently CAF is a family benefits system, but the logo of the two CAFs are different, which seemingly invalidates this point).

    Of course, it's not just the final - this goes for pretty much every game in every round of the French Cup. So, without further ado, I'm confused and I'd like an answer to this (admittedly silly) question: How come there are only two shirt sponsors seen in the whole of the French Cup, even when different clubs have different sponsors in the league? (Before any mods try to lock this thread and point me to any French Cup 2016/17 threads that exist, this isn't just for 2016/17, but it's happened in the past as well.)