• Hi. Last weeks I have serious problems with a Italian guy. I reported him because he was cheating and after his account got suspended for 21 days he made more than 10 new fake accounts and he used to enter my leagues on 3 slots. Last days he is sending me messages in Italian language with very very bad insults, so I guess I have to contact a Italian staff member, he will understand it. I want you to ban this IP adress or to lock his ''real'' account forever. It makes no sense that after all this he can continue plaiying with his real account. (the suspension of 21 days will be over in 3-4 days) Which manager I can contact? Can you give me some name or e-mail? Thanks.

  • @MenagerBL Hi, welcome.
    When you get insulting messages, you need to report it through our system including screenshots of the messages.
    Please remember that the OSM team decides what the punishment would be and not the manager that reports it.