Can't manage the 2nd account even tho it supposed to be unlocked in 5 days BUG

  • Turkish Users

    Hello everyone,

    I have an issue regarding to managing multiple teams at once as you know you can manage up to 4 teams but you have to wait some days before doing it ,after 7 days passed i couldn't select the 2nd club because it still says it's locked but it says 0 days left since 3 days... So i think it's a bug, i saw a guy opened same thread like mine at Turkish forums but he didin't get response in last 20 hours so i opened here maybe i can get a support here.

    Screenshot regarding to topic :

    I hope you guys fix my problem
    have a good day.

  • Hi, welcome.

    First I would like to explain something.
    The other 3 club slots are unlocked based on experience, slot two will be unlocked after 5 experience days (matches played)
    As you can see on this screen, you've played 4 matches.

    So after tomorrows simulation Slot 2 will be unlocked.