• Hello, 😕

    Whatever changes I try to do to either my profile or my motto section at my profile, it doesen't save. I keep on doing these modifications and whenever I click "save" it tells me that "Your profile has been saved", but the thing is the moment I refresh the page it comes out on its previous state.

    Can somebody help me regarding this?

    If it is a known issue or if other managers have reported about this then I do apologize, but I did not notice any threads about this issue, I think it might be happening to me only.

    I'd appreciate some help,

    Thanks in advance,

  • Bump.

    Need someone to check this out for me.

  • @Joe-McNorthMan Hi mate

    It is a know issue and this problem is since the profile was updated to the new update 😄

  • Hi, welcome this is indeed a known issue.
    So all we can do now is wait till it's fixed.