Do you like the fact that football is nothing else but business?

  • Hello you online managers,

    What do you think about the fact that football these days is just a multi-million or billion dollar industry? Do you agree that it was better in the past or not? If yes give us some reasons, if no, tell us what you think!

    Quite curious to hear some opinions.

  • Already six days and nobody posted a word on this brilliant topic! Why? 😥
    In my opinion football is so much more in people's hearts and minds but business. But yes sadly there is always two sides of a coin as they say... A great sport with millions of fans and footy lovers but the amounts of money that are spend each season for new transfers or given from sponsors or for upgrading stadiums and whatever... if you think about it for one second it's absolutely crazy!
    Why should any top footballer or even singer or actor get millions and millions on their hands just because they entertain us?
    While on the other hand proffessions like: police officers or firemen or even the plain gurbage takers that keep our streets and neighborhoods clean and risk daily their lives and personal hygiene for all of us get paid usually with insignificant salaries? Ha? Can someone tell me if this kind of discrimination in our society is fair or logical ???
    If you ask me: NO !!!
    It's irrational in every way we look at it. :face_palm_tone1:

  • Yes I agree, it's a interesting topic...I could write 10 books about this, but I will write just few things... 🙂
    First of all, salaries are more than unreal. In 1 week they earn more than some people for the entire life. For example they earn 300.000 euros per week. Then, how much should earn a surgeon (hirurg) who is saving people lifes? 5 million per week?

    Now the sport side of the story. This business destroyed real football. Today there are only few clubs who can compete in serious competitions. Real, Barca, Bayern etc. Small clubs disappeared. Even clubs like Bilbao, Lazio, Marseille etc. are ''small' in today's terms. Small clubs must always sell their best players and find replacement. Big clubs get the ''final product''.
    In 1991. Crvena Zvezda (Red Star) Belgrade/Serbia won the Champions League. Today you know about this club? Probably no. You know why they won CL? Because the rule in league was that a player can leave the club when he turns 28 or 30 years old, I don't remember. So they could keep all best players and play together for years. Now they must sell best players even if they are 17 or 18 years old. If this rule would exist and today Patrizan Belgrade, Dinamo Zagreb, Ajax, Anderlecht, Befica, Lyon or some other club with good youth academies would easy compete for the Champions League title, but ofc today it's just a dream.

  • A popular, and a real criticism made by fans and pundits alike is that "football today is mostly not a sport anymore, it's a business". Poor player conduct, high ticket prices and a host of other grievances are blamed on this fact.

    In my opinio, football clubs are too often run like a business. On the other hand, some football friends told me that If they were, financial collapses like those at Portsmouth ,Rangers, Parma,Fiorentina etc. might have been prevented.
    The influence of commercialism - kick offs times, ticket prices, sponsorship deals and the resulting revenue growth has done wonders for the look, feel and quality of modern football. But real businesses believe in things like cost control and turning a profit. Most football clubs do not, but they need to survive in this money and a bussines market and era so they kick football passion on the side and become football business corporations..

    I have a mixed feeling on this matter, and i would like to believe that most football clubs are not running a business today to only earn money and make new profits, but i'm afraid that beliefs are one thing and reality is another.

  • Ahahaha.. love this dude! :rofl:

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