• The transfer period already started...
    Which players you would like to see in the club you support (or soem other club) ?
    Join the discussion...Feel free to share your thoughts about the latest transfers. 🙂

  • Seems like Guardiola isn't happy with his 1st season at Man City... 🙂
    They already signed 2 players for big money...

    Bernardo Silva moved from Monaco to City for about €50m...Excellent player, also known as "little Messi"... 🙂
    0_1496580700814_bernardo SIGNING.jpg

    The 2nd player (goalkeeper) is Ederson Moraes. He came from Benfica for about €40 million which makes him the most expensive goalkeeper in football history! 😲

    What do you think, can Man City win the EPL next season? 🙂

  • The new Chineese owners of AC Milan ain't kidding. They already bought 2 players and according to some reports they should buy another 4-5 very good players. 🙂

    AC Milan have announced the signing of centre-back Mateo Musacchio from Villarreal on a four-year deal. Milan have paid a fee in the region of €18 million.

    AC Milan have made Ivorian midfielder Franck Kessie their second signing of the summer.
    The 20-year-old moves to San Siro from Atalanta, who he helped to a surprise fourth-placed finish in Serie A this past season. He arrives on an initial two-year loan deal, but probably they will buy him after the loan is over... 🙂

    Can Milan reach the top 4 next season and go back to the CL again? 🙂

  • Peter Bosz will probably leave Ajax for Borrussia Dortmund. 😞

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    Seferović (Eintracht Frankfurt) signs for Benfica
    alt text

  • Man United can't seem to sign any one0_1496739262809_nintchdbpict000303568222.jpg Griezmann staying ,Bale staying ,notmuch left....

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    The killer of the Osasuna, Sergio Leon signs to Real Betis 😄

    alt text

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    @MenagerBL This thread is nice.

  • Sead Kolasinac is a Gunner! Bosnia-Herzegovina defender becomes Arsène Wenger’s first summer signing. Kolasinac joined Arsenal from Schalke 04 on a free transfer. 🙂


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    • Ricardo Rodríguez (Wolfsburg) signs for AC Milan.
      alt text

    • Sérgio Conceição is the new manager of FC Porto.
      alt text

    • Peter Bosz is the new manager of B. Dortmund

    alt text

  • @MenagerBL Good topic!

    @Pizzi_77 Hope that Sérgio Conceição does a good job as coach of my beloved FC Porto... He wasn't the name that I wanted to be the Porto's coach, but now I will support him.

  • http://i.imgur.com/oKmGfu5.pngalt text

    One word... Crazy !!!
    Article coming from a Portuguese newspaper. Is this for Real ??? 😲

    • Luciano Spalletti for Internazionale
    • Maximilian Philipp for Borussia Dortmund
    • Vitor Hugo for Fiorentina
    • Lucas Biglia for Milan
    • Massimmiliano Allegri new contract with Juventus by 2020
    • Pepe in PSG?
    • Rodrigo Caio in Lazio?
    • James Rodriguez in Liverpool?
    • John Terry in Bournemouth?
    • Mbappe in Man United?
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    A new forward to Borussia Dortmund, Maximilian Philipp for 20M

    alt text

  • @Levi-Rios
    AC Milan is on fire! 🔥 If they continue like this they will buy 20 players... 😂
    I am big Lazio fan and I am sad because Biglia but I think Klassen from Ajax will come so that's not bad...

    Dortmund is buying kids again for big money...Then they are wondering why they can't beat Bayern or win the CL... 😂

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    I think that's not going to happen. 😂

  • @Pizzi_77 I don't know mate. Almost nothing surprises me in our current world that we live in.
    But this gigantic amount for just one player is pure madness! 😜

  • @MenagerBL said in Summer transfers (2017/18):

    but I think Klassen from Ajax will come so that's not bad..

    I think Klaassen will prefer the Bundesliga or Premier League, if a decent club is interested in him. Those leagues are more compatible with his playstyle. He lacks the speed and technique to really succeed against the very well organized defenses in the Serie A.

  • @MenagerBL

    But Dortmund can reach with these young boys in some years good score, such as it was in 2010/11 with Klopp. That was a really good Dortmund and they could stay high until now. Maybe it will come time, when they will win the BuLi again. 🙂

  • @SIRclitjeslikker_NL
    I 've read he is really really close to joining Lazio. Honestly he don't need to be very fast and to have a good technique, Biglia didn't had anything of that. I don't know really much about Ajax players but users on transfermarkt who are from the Netherlands say he is one of best players in Ajax...hmm

    Believe me that time in Dortmund will never happen again. I am watching football for 17 years but I never saw a club playing like Dortmund under Klopp. They played fast and furious man, without a break, everyone running in the attack, everyone running in the deffence. That was unreal. maybe some people don't know but Dortmund has really small budget. For example Sunderland who finished last in England has a 2 times bigger budget. Their transfer politic in last 3-4 years is to buy young players and sell them for big money. Look which players left the club in last years: Lewandowski, Goetze, Hummels, Mkhtaryan, even Aubemeyang is going to PSG and his replacement will come from River Plate I've read... LOL Everone knows that Dembele, Pulisic or few other players will join Bayern, Real or Barca one day so I don't believe they will achieve something in the near future...