Tournament - Glimmer of hope for Ayden

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    Hello everyone !

    You may have seen this report on TV (click on the link and look the video):

    Krabbe's disease

    Ayden is a child with Krabbe disease, a neurological disease that affects 1 in every 100,000 children in Europe. A large collection worldwide is organized to help his family to allow the taking over of very expensive operations.

    The team of moderation OSM France (with the help of other communities) decided to participate in this collection by organizing a big tournament.

    Boss coins will be offered to the winners (podium).

    27 000 coins to be distributed on the first three places of the tournament. (17,000 for the first, 7,000 for the second, 3,000 for the third)
    30 500 coins to be distributed on the first three places of the tournament if the tournament reaches 400 people.
    54,000 corners to be distributed on the frist three places of the tournament if the tournament reaches 500 people.

    To enter this tournament, the entry fee is 10 euros.
    The entire amount will go to the Ayden family.
    The goal is to raise as much money as possible to help him.

    Pour payer ce droit d'entrée, c'est très simple. Vous effectuerez le paiement sur le site Lueur d'espoir pour Ayden:

    To pay this entrance fee, it is very simple. You will make the payment on the site Lueur d'espoir pour Ayden:

    click here: Lueur d'espoir pour Ayden

    This payment must be made between 03/06/2017 0h00 and 25/06/2017, 20h00.
    Once the payment is made, you will send an email to with the confirmation of payment and your username. We will then register your registration for the tournament.

    The whole of the gains of admission rights go directly to the association via the wesite.
    The entrance fee is 10 euros, but you can of course give even more if you wish.
    With your proof of payment, we will calculate the amount collected and post it here at the end of the tournament.

    We will provide details as to the form of the tournament, as it obviously depends on the number of entries. But for now, we start on this format:

    • Pokémon Championship (18 teams)
    • No transfers
    • No training closed and no training camp
    • No accelerated chronometer
    • No cup
    • No Club fund compensation
    • Yes for days of preparations
    • Yes for friendly matches

    The tournament will begin on June 30th.
    There will be a qualifying championship and a final championship.

    The main topic of the competition is on our forum FR:

    Tournament - Lueur d'espoir pour Ayden

    If you have any questions, you can contact me by message, or here, or on FR forum, like you want.

    Come have fun while doing a good action ! 🙂

  • I really want to be able to play but I do not have a free account, but I would like to help with the 10 euros, please send me the account number.

    The important thing is not to play this event, it is to be able to help those who really need it.