Objective Consideration

  • In EPL, Arsenal is Obj 1 whereas they never (almost) finish in top 3 (except last time). They are trolled as 4th position team. There is Tottenham who are in tremendous form for last two years, they shouldn't be Obj 4. If Man U can be Obj 4 then in my consideration, they should be:
    Chelsea - 1
    Man City - 1
    Tottenham - 1
    Arsenal - 3
    Man u - 3
    Liverpool -4
    like this. Please take this into consideration.

  • Community Manager

    Hi, the objectives of the teams in leagues are mainly related to the squad values of the clubs and less related to actual results. Otherwise Leicester City would have been a objective 1 team this year with a squad value of only 190M. This isn't really realistic and also not fair compared to the other teams with objective 1. You can see the image below for the squad values of the best 9 teams in the Premier league.


  • English Moderator

    Nice said mate...thanks 👍