Missing tokens!

  • Hi I'm missing tokens from my account. I'm missing around 2500 tokens,I'm a good active loyal player loves the game. Would appreciate if I got them back please..

  • @Kevin-David-Devine Hi welcome.
    As you can understand it's not good enough only to say I'm missing tokens from my account, I would appreciate it if I could them back.

    We have a special bug template that needs to be filled in and you can find it here important-info-please-read

    You need to put a step by step description in there untill you got to the part you've lost them.

  • I don't understand, on my OSM account, I had 2900 boss coins, around 2500 has vanished. I don't have my full boss coins showed up. Must be an error or something as I love saving my boss coins. To spend on create leagues

  • I'm sorry but, this topic will be locked.
    You didn't provide a complete filled in bug templated as requested.
    Only saying you've had 2500 BC is not good enough, I've told you that before.

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