• Hi i'm new to OSM and i'm wandering should i trust this game, i need to know if the players i put on line-up are identical as real football players, e.g I play with Iniesta on left side bcz he is a left midfielder, does his performance fall down if i put him on right side? If you know what i mean can you please explain me how does this game work, just yesterday i downloaded the app on my phone and watched my match against Bilbao with comentators and there was a chance when Pique had 2 chances in a row, how did pique have two chances when i put the defensive line tactics to 'defend deep' that had me wonder about this game. If someone could explain a little bit how this game works could be appreciated 🙂

  • You need to try out, put the players normally, but if you see it get bad ratings change them from side. About a defender in attack it's normal, defenders also score goals in real world, and if it's from a corner either normal.

  • English Moderator

    Hello mate,
    the position of a player, left/right, doesn't have any affect on this game...only the ratings of a player...but as the friend above said, you should see yourself if a player performs better and on which for your example, maybe you played "defend deep" but that doesn't mean that a player doesn't go to the opposite side and try to make a goal, let's say with his must see all of your tactics and see how your team performs...


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