Do you allow cheating in your game?!

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    I am the manager named "J.J.Rosseu xD". Although I have detected the use of transfer chikes and multiple accounts in my league, there is still no transaction. So I wanted to communicate directly with you. The "" and "" user accounts are obviously side accounts of the manager named **** (At the end of the two, it is easily understood that it is "01".) 2 members were registered on the day the league was opened, only accounts were opened to enter this league, and they strengthened the ***** club with transfers. Especially ***** (****) constantly sells talented players to **** at a cheap price and strengthens *****. In fact, even players from other teams have bought and sold a transfer chain. If you examine the player's shopping in the league, I am sure you will agree that this illogical situation can only be explained by handicapping. Because **** in his own staff does not use the player is selling much higher than the value of the financial support he is providing, and with this support in the league is playing unfairly leadership. My demand is that these accounts are for the **** user ****, which is kicked out of the league and closed the account. You already use other accounts to make transfers only, you do not have to turn them off. In addition, I have e-mailed the turkey authorities about the subject many times but they did not reply to me. The system did not give a positive or negative answer to me 4 days, although I reported a lousy report. As a last resort I wanted to turn this on. We must prevent such people from raising the quality of the game. Irregularity will be easily understood if examined. Please hear some of my voice now and clarify this issue. Everybody have a good day.
    Note; The manager is trying to bring the game to a better place.

  • English Users

    He is right. Look at the other slot, again **** and **** are in the same league and doing the same thing

  • Hi, welcome.
    I'm sorry but cheatings will never be discussed through our forums.
    You already reported it, so now you need to be patient and wait.