SUGGESTION!!! Related to the referees

  • Writes the level of the referees in the game. In addition, more detailed stats will be even more beautiful if some of the referees pay more attention to the details of your manager and that they would be even more careful in tactics and match I believe.

    The level of the referees and how many games in total that season as well as directed a directed a yellow card a red card in the game that uses few and a few additional details are also added to the game if I am of the opinion that it would add more to the beauty of BI.

    Please write the reviews of the active agent in the forums about the topic. Thanks

  • @Bayram-Karakuş This is support forum . You need to make suggestion in OSM:The game forum . I don't support your suggestion.

  • @RvP1228 Thank you for the warning about where I will present the proposal. I will present the proposal to get there

  • I would ask them to write their thoughts about the topic on the recommendation of the manager. Thanks

  • The idea there is to write about the proposal? Amazed, I'm surprised. Apparently, the apathy prevails suggestions

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    Well, I think that your suggestions are not needed or already sort of implemented.
    I don't need to know how many yellow or red cards did a ref give if I can see how strict is he. If he is harsh then he will give more cards, if he's lenient he will give less cards. And I don't know why would a referee make decisions based on manager's tactics or reputation. (if I understood what you said)