Scout not bringing back the right players!!!

  • Everytime i scout for a 90+ player its comes back with 80 to 83 players none above what i wanted when i put 80 to 89+ players i get 70 to 79 rated players what is going on ive lost loads of my tokens because of this why not just do the scout so we can search the player and scout the exact player we want really dont like this new scouting thing please help!!

  • Heya @King-Beard,

    The answer is pretty easy. Your scout gets back to you with the best players he can find. If you search for 90+ players and your scout returns with players below 90 it basically means that there are no players left that meet your requirements. There aren't many players under the age of 25 that are 90+ in skills. If you search for young players, try some older players as well.

    About your tokens, bosscoins. Scouting players does not cost you any bosscoins. Only buying players from the scout cost you some bosscoins. And optional to speed up the timer will cost you bosscoins as well. Speeding up the timers is your own choice of course 😉

  • Thanks again Timo 😉