Nonsense Bans in Private Leagues

  • Portuguese Users

    Hello OSM support,

    I have a private league (we paid 400 gold) with friends and family. Some of us play on the same computer (ergo the same network/IP) because they are family and the system keeps ban/blocking some of us accusing us of multiple accounts. We already report the problem but no answer was given...

    We know the game has a lot of bugs and issues but why do you block people in private leagues? It does not make sense because if it is private the owner chooses who can play or not.

    We please ask you to resolve this issue and make an option for people that are using the same computer, please stop nonsense bans and please respond to emails.

    Best Regards,

  • @TheOldz Hi, welcome.
    Unfortunatly this will not be discussed through the forums, so for now you will have to be patient and wait for the awnser to your email or try to send a new one.