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  • I have just completed two seasons. One was yesterday and I haven't seen my manager points. Why is this always happening? Everyday I keep getting updates from playstore but nothing actually updates. Glitches everywhere. This game is starting to annoy me. Why do I always have issues with manager points? Please I need my manager points!!!!

  • @Louis-Van-Gaal75 Hi, welcome.
    If I'll go to your profile then I see the time 2.00 instead of a date, which means league has finished in the night and manager ranking is always updated at midnight.
    So I'll expect that it will be adjusted at tonights midnight simulation.

  • I haven't seen any yet. I have completed the Sudanese league and the Angolan league. The Sudanese league's slot 3 days ago, the Angolan league's slot cleared yesterday and yet I haven't claimed my manager points. Will as well quit playing the game if I don't get any cos I'm tired of this nonsense

  • @Louis-Van-Gaal75 Well my gues is that you are looking at the wrong slots,
    Boths have finished on different slots, one on slot 4 and the other on slot 2.

    Saying the last part of the message here doesn't make any sense, since that's your own choice if you would do that.

  • Yeah you're right. Slot 2 and slot 4. So when will I get them?

  • This post is deleted!

  • You already did received the manager points, so there's nothing more that can be done here.

    For next time if you claim such thing take a full screen through website before midnight simulation and one the next day.

    I also want to remind you to check this topic common-questions on how manager ranking works those days.

    Now it's time to close this topic.

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