Suggestion: Pressing, Style, Tempo - marking special tactics

  • I am playing this game for a quite long time but I never saw that some suggestion was implemented in the game, what is ridiculous because I also saw that moderators always speak how new suggestions are always welcome, so please at least this time inform the people you need about my suggestion, because I am sure there are many people out there who would or will support my suggestion.

    My suggestion is to ''mark'' Pressing, Style and Tempo settings with numbers from 0-100. Nowdays it's almost impossible to play 2 times the same tactics...If there would be numbers it would be easy to remember your tactics, for example you have to put 30-80-60 and that's it. You could always play the same tactic. This is a very important question if we speak about battles, where you have to share your tactics and where crew mates play the same tactics. Also, if I have to put my tactics through the phone app it's even worse to match the tactics. I hope you understand what I wanted to say.

  • @MenagerBL

    I support you 😉 You have right,it should be numbers...

  • @MenagerBL

    Yes Sir ! Mission accomplished ! Message was delivered for you . :thumbsup_tone2:

    But allow me to remind you: Suggestions are always welcomed cause it's the best way for GB to get a feedback , to know what her users ( OSM managers ) would like to see/have in the future updates .
    But that doesn't mean that it is always possible for the designers to fullfill our every wish or desire .
    I'm not a designer but my simple logic tells me that any company or game site really prefers to keep her users happy rather than disappointed. If any suggestion or idea is considered a good one or a very important one that too many users talk about then I suppose it's obvious that GB does the best to add it to our game , as soon as possible. I hope you could understand me and didn't sound too ridiculous to you . 😜

  • @MenagerBL if not the numbers, will be good to put the "arrows" and on this way you can know the tactic.....

    Thank you... 🙂
    Yes I understand you too, I know it's not always possible to fullfill our wishes...Also, there are many suggestions which are are very complicated, I would say impossible, like: ''playing more seasons'', ''Champions League'' and many other things I saw...Although I am not a designer and I don't know much about that stuff I am pretty sure it's very easy to make this, becasue of that I wrote this...It's not a big deal and in the same time it would help us a lot...

  • @Lirind That's understood Lirind. Thank you for your posts guys. Let's keep it coming then and see what other managers have to say or add about this matter. ☺

  • @MenagerBL You're welcome mate. We'll see what can be done about these matters.
    Thank you for your understanding and patience. 😉

  • @CiroLuigi Hello there Darius ! ☺ Nice to see you on our new forums.
    Thank you for your post buddy. 😉

  • Yes I agree with this,but since I'm playing now only for fun I kinda don't care,but would like it
    In era of old OSM thus not having numbers like in this suggestion when dragging the pointer you could "feel" and see how many times you dragged it to desired position (at least I counted it lol) . But with the new update that bar is too smoth and I really can't see what's my desired and old position.Everytime I draw or lose I blame the new bar system,because I feel like it isn't my old tactic(in that pressing,style,tempo section) even tho it's close to my desired and old bar ratings

  • I support this suggestion as well, cause I remember when i used to play battles and tough competitions, these numbers meant a lot. Nowadays I play only for fun and dont care too much about results anymore, but this is surely something that should be done if this game wants to be considered more realistic and more serious.

  • Fantastic !😃 More feedback from our mates Matija and ...ehhh.. How may I call you mate ? Jeben? Or Tomi? Is this your real name?

    Anyway, thank you both !:handshake_tone2: Keep it coming guys & gals . 😉

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  • Dammit ! 😠 Mate you'd better change that nasty nick name of yours. It's against the game's rules you know. And I'd better wash my mouth now . Bliahhh... 😝

    My sincere apologies to you guys, I had no idea . 😥

  • Russian Users

    I completely do agree with our Serbian brother, numbers should be implemented. I'm sure it is not that difficult to do that. Previously we had numbers on Pressing in computer version, but this time it should be done on all versions of the game and for all 3 tactical aspects.

  • @MenagerBL I support you mate! :thumbsup_tone1:

  • @SUPERNOVA-8 Hahaha you can call me Tomi it's my short name
    I deleted accounts so many times in era of old OSM sometimes because of too many red cards,sometimes just because I'm mad regularly..So I made a probably my 274123412 account called like this (you probably saw what does it mean lol) and this one is actually lasting for a good time,I hope I don't delete it lol

    Well nice to meet you Tomi. 😄 Yeah I found out about your " cute " nick name in the bad way. Ahaha. :face_palm_tone1:
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  • Just read this funny situation... As I'm not Croat I had to use google translate, and I'd swear its translation is pretty accurate

    @JEBENONADRKAN, you have a... hmmm... weird? Or might I say cool nickname 😝