Forum posts?

  • Login: pawne94
    League number:
    Date & Time of the bug: 15/11/2016 23:31 GMT+1
    Platform: Website, playing on my laptop, OS Windows 8
    Bug step-by-step Description:

    Does it take some time to process it (1 day already) or is it a bug?

  • @pawne94
    Hi there. I believe this is not bug, because when we open Forum, we go to external link.
    alt text

  • @Alfa58 yeah, it makes some sense but I use same account on forum and OSM. I'm not using different accounts for OSM and forum. I can clearly see that my in-game and forum accounts are linked, when I changed my avatar in game it changed in forum too.

  • @pawne94 on your forum perfil, you have all information.
    alt text

  • Hi, welcome.

    The posts from these forums are not counting on your profile, because we make use of external forums.
    So even if you can change the avatar on website and we all have the same manager name on forums/osm, the forum posts only counts on the forums. No bug here :wink:

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