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    Here we can talk about our favourite films and new films that have just been released! :film_frames:

    Everyone has a favourite film! What is yours? And why do you like it?

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    Best Movie this Time - Action and Comedy.... :point_up_tone1: and Harley Quinn (Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel) incredible sexy :eyes: :D

  • @Jürg-Klopp It looks like a great movie to me and also my favorite genres. :grinning:

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    Love the movie. I start to mix storylines up now with all the Marvel and DC Comics movies out there... I went to Dr. Strange and waited for Batman to show up.

  • For me the best movie of 2016 is Deadpool. This is a superhero movie but not any old superhero movie, it is a full on comedy and action. And that is why it is so great. alt text

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    You're right buddy. I've watched this movie too and couldn't stop from laughing! So yeah if you like a good combo of action and comedy Deadpool is a great choice. :thumbsup_tone1:

  • @King-Noel Loved Deadpool as well. Brilliant stuff. For me as well best so far for this year, but some potentially great movies still need to come out later this year so I will wait before oficially choosing best one of the year for me.

    Later this week Im going to check "Hacksaw Ridge". Mel Gibson is making directorial comeback and from the early reviews it looks like he made brilliant stuff. 2 of my friends had luck to go to pre premiere yesterday and one of them said that this is the best movie he ever saw in cinema (and he watches a load of movies). Also they mentioned that first time in year they had experience of spontaneous applause in the cinema after the movie.. So yeah, I am really having high expectations from this movie :D

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    Wow! From your description sounds so interesting Matija. Please do share your views after you've watched this new movie. Mel Gibson directing again ha? Hmm, let's see what he's got for us this time.

  • @SUPERNOVA-8 Will surelly post my short review here :D Im really hoping it will be as good as they say. Last time I applauded in the cinema was for "The Dark Knight". Only movie that made me to do so called "standing ovation".

  • @SUPERNOVA-8 Correct choice indeed. :clap_tone5:

  • Did not see deadpool yet, maybey it's time that I'm going to watch it :grin:

  • @Majstor-Matt Mel Gibson the Legend who directed the The Passion of the Christ; one of the greatest ever.

    I might watch that movie too. Sounds good. :)

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    Thank you Matty. As for The Dark Knight, with that set of actors in there and that spectacular performance from Heath Ledger ( respect and may he rest in peace , such a shame to lose him so soon :cry: ),
    I doubt there's even one person that can say he wasn't left amazed by this movie. :bow_tone1:

  • Before about 3-4 months I watched the movie ''13 sins'' and for me it's one of the best movies I've ever watched. It's awesome. The movie is a horror, but not the usual, with much unpredicted situations. Shortly: A guy with financial problems have to do 13 ''missions'' to earn millions of dollars. Every next mission is for a bigger amount of money and more and more stranger. The movie is from 2014. but if u don't watched them u should really really do it. :)

  • @SUPERNOVA-8 True, Heath Ledger´s joker will always be the best of all time. I'm not hating on Jared Leto, but Heath Ledger was the best Joker.

  • @MenagerBL
    I was curious, I definitely think about watching :) You told me very well
    I'm really excited :D

  • @MenagerBL I am not a fan of horror movies but if I get bored I will give that movie a try.

    Hate watching horror movies though, why get scared when you are watching a movie to have fun. lol

  • @King-Noel Horror movies a wonderful dear ;)

  • @mrtgll33 Last horror movie I watched was The Conjuring 2 in theatre which was the worst mistake of my life. I couldn't sleep for 1 week. haha

  • @King-Noel said in Movies:

    Last horror movie I watched was The Conjuring 2 in theatre which was the worst mistake of my life. I couldn't sleep for 1 week. haha

    are you serious ??? :D

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