How to change the Moderator League?

  • Hello my name is mrzsut,
    I have friends in the same company and play OSM together for release our stress on working. We play in the same Wifi, somethimes we login in the same PC.

    One of friend got banned, we've asked to remove banned, but OSM Admin declined it.

    He is the creator of league. Our league is private just for our company mates and several friends. Someone will join in our league but there is no one can invite him in our league.

    Could you give an acces for moderating this league only for finishing this season?

    Country : Algeria
    League name : antoekowijaya League
    Player will be moderating : mrzsut

    I will apreciate the admin/moderator OSM game's wise.
    Thank you.

  • @mrzsut said in How to change the Moderator League?:

    One of friend got banned

    One of my friends

    sorry for my bad gramatical.

  • Hi, welcome.
    I'm sorry but at the moment that the moderator of the league decided to resign or get locked then the league will continue with osm as a moderator untill the end of the season.