My Friend got banned twice

  • I don't know how the rules of OSM run. My friend got banned or jailed. First he played as Antoekowijaya and he got banned. Second, after bannig, he created again and played as BuffonGigi1 and got banned either. Could you unlock his seal? He has gained token from ads and claming reward.
    Please review the report of another player to him. I'm as his friend disatisfied of the way rules run.

    Note: We're in the same league in one slot and play fairly. Please reconsider your banning.

    Best Regard

    Azis Kurniawan

  • Plase give us reason why my friend got banned and show me the evidence.

    Note :
    His accounts are Antoekowijaya and BuffonGigi1.
    He created two accounts which are banned in different time. He created second account after banning first account.

    Please unlock one of his accounts and return back his token.
    We wanna play in the same league again.

  • Hi, welcome.
    I'm sorry but this will not be discussed on our forums, so this topic will be closed.
    You're friend is the only one that can appeal.