OSM crashes on iOS

  • I cannot open the OSM app on my iPhone. The Gamebasics logo just shows up on the screen for half a second and the app closes.

    Iphone 7 (32 Gb), iOS 10.1, OSM 4.1.2.

  • administrators

    @Kay-Hill Hi and thanks for your report,
    We can't reproduce it and we've tried it a lot of times. Can you help us trying to solve if by providing us more info so we can try to reproduce it?

    Did you installed this version removing previous one, or you updated it?

    If you updated it, can you try to uninstall app and install it again and let us know if it works?

  • @SpecialOne I just updated my previous version. I have just removed it and re-installed it and now it seems to work just fine. Thanks!

  • administrators

    Tks for your feedback.

    I'll pass this info to our iOS team!


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