Still no manager points on my main account updated

  • Hello and thanks for your reply hespera but my account does need looking into. I've picked a new team to manage now and still no manager points added on my 1st account.

    I've just finished my league and I had 67k manger points on my 1st account before my league finished. I should have just got an extra 5.5k from the league that's ended tonight but it wasn't added on and just the cups was added to my profile. Could somebody please look into this?

  • @jeffro-davies You did check right slot, last onehas been finished on slot1? Also you have to keep in mind that managerpoints reduces everyday untill managerpoints count only 1%. Only crewpage managerpoints are not up to date and that won't get fixed before the big crew update.

  • 100% I haven't had the last leagues manager points updated on my profile (5.5k) off my 1st account. Just the cups from the league has gone on my profile hespera.

  • I did some asking around and they came to the same conclusion.
    It has been added and there's no bug, so there is nothing that can be done.