• Hello,
    I'm playing OSM since the old version of the game
    And I won the cup 3times (you can see it in my profile) but I didn't win the 100pieces by winning the cup 3times
    Also I won the league being unbeaten with Monaco, but I didn't win the 400pieces for not losing a game in the league

    Thanks for your help!


  • @hilgor Hi mate

    Achievements were introduced on 14th October 2014. Some achievements only start counting after that date. Cup achievements are one of them, so only cups won after that date are taken into account!

    Kind Regards

  • @lirind hi
    so bad :((((((
    thx for the answer :)

  • @hilgor I won a cup with Monaco the 1st of October :(((((((((

  • English Moderator

    Hi, welcome.
    Correct, since this is clear the topic can be closed now.

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