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    Van hits many tourists in crowded Barcelona area...­čśó


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    Police confirm act of terrorism after van ploughs into crowd in city centre. Local media has reported 13 have been killed and 32 have been injured after the white Fiat van mounted the pavement in Las Ramblas in the Spanish city in what police have described as a terrorist attack.

    The street is normally packed full of tourists and locals and is at the heart of the popular holiday hotspot.
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  • Again, in another city ...
    Unfortunately, fanaticism and violence again cause deaths in a maelstrom that seeks only to deepen differences and sow hatred. It is up to us to their fail. No violence, no racism, all we are brothers.

    My condolence for the victims.

  • I don┬┤t know why they all invite refugees in West Europe. Here in all Eastern European countires we avoid them and we don┬┤t have attacks like that. Merkel, France and other European countires should send them back to Asia and Africa, they shouldn┬┤t save them from the sea rather shoot them. If everything stays like this Europe won┬┤t be our continent and here will be the same life as in Middle East. I am not a type of racist but I hated them so much. They got free money, food, water. They have adidas and nike things, iphones and they live in ┬┤poverty┬┤. Even I don┬┤t have things like that, although I live in a middle class family in Slovakia. The same is in all Eastern Europe. 90% of them neither comes from war area. They only come here because they think there is better. In the past this problem was solved well. Nobody could cross the borders, for example in Germany. This would be a good solution. However if nothing will be done, more and more European people will die and disapper and more Asian and African people will live here and appear.
    Again I say that I am not racist, I don┬┤t have problem with other people, when they stay there and are in peace.

  • @sir-varga-s├índor the refugees aren't fleeing because they're in poverty, they're fleeing from war. There's a difference, there's no reason to suggest they shouldn't have them things. Plus there's been no confirmation of who this attacker is, so no need to assume he's a refugee. The vast, vast majority of people who come to Europe live in peace, if they didn't there would be a lot more attacks than there are at the minute.

  • @sir-varga-s├índor
    If you review the authorship of the attacks, there are very few, or almost none, whose origin is of those refugees that I think I you mention. They are almost always descendants of emigrants arrived decades ago, and in many cases the transformation into a radical has occurred quickly and very recently.
    I insist that for me it is a problem on both sides, of the proliferation of extreme, unfounded speeches, both from the Islamist side and from the European side ... there are always people who tell us half truths to take us To which it suits him. The solution is in ourselves, in thinking, in reasoning always trying to understand the other, the stranger, putting us in their place.

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    Oh my god.this very bad