Login problem through android app and pc

  • English Users

    Recently I'm having problems logging in.

    I cannot use the native android app of OSM as it crashes continuously. I didn't change or upgrade my android version or anything sort like that which might affect the app to crash.

    After that, I reinstalled the app and now I cannot login. At first the error says Oops 403. Then when I get to log in screen I simply cannot.

    Also I cannot login through pc. On the top of the site after entering, it says "skip tutorial" and on the bottom it says " Oops Something went wrong, please help us by reporting on the forums."

    I can only login using mobile chrome application which takes a lot time to log in.

    Hope you guys can solve this problem for me and I am eagerly waiting to play OSM again.


  • Portuguese Users

    @ziprince Hi there.
    Your trying to login to world version with dutch account or the otherway around.
    If you set your language right then you should be able to login to the right version.

  • @ziprince Which osm app version do you use?

  • English Users

    @hespera I am currently using the latest version available on the play store, v 3.2.24

    There's been a development. I am unable to use the app through WiFi connection, although I can use the app using mobile data connection. I haven't had the chance to find out if I can login through pc or not.

    WiFi connectivity makes the app to go crashed.

  • @ziprince You should have some problems with you're wireless internet connection.
    Please login to web on wifi and let us know the result?