Suggestion to maybe realize the idea

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    First I would like to say that I love to play the game very much. But one thing I don't like so much, is that you have to choose a new club after every season. And even if you choose the same obe, you have to pay with coins for it and you don't even have the same players then when you left it.

    I understand that this is because of a challenge to build new team from ground up. But still I would like to have a chance at least if I could stay in at least one club spot longer then 1 season.

    If that's not something tou would like to implement, what about if everyone would have the opportunity, to take 1 of their player in that team into a new season to different team but in the same club spot? You know what I have in mind?

    Hope you'll read it and maybe take it into consideration.


  • Due to complicatons and everything, and considering this is an online game, this has always been and probably will be a one season game. You are not the first one who thought about it though 😛

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    This have been discussed many times and they won't be any changes at the moment...