• With the new version a lot of flag bugs are fixed, but there are still some!

    In the PC version the flags of Equatorial Guinea :flag_gq: , Solomon Islands :flag_sb: and Papua New Guinea :flag_pg: are not shown. In the Android and iOS versions it's all ok.

    The are still the old flags of Libya :flag_ly: and Curacao :flag_cw: , they should be changed!

    Missing flags of Kosovo :flag_xk: , Martinique :flag_mq: , Guadeloupe :flag_gp: , Guam :flag_gu: , Reunion :flag_re: , Arouba :flag_aw: , Cook islands :flag_ck: , Jersey :flag_je: , Guernsey :flag_gg: and Isle of Man :flag_im:

  • Missing also Maldives :flag_mv:

  • And where are those flags missing? In which pages?