Pagee refresh

  • Hi

    Why page of osm in fb just refresh
    I chose team or i create league but when i click my team page refresh i click again page refresh again again
    How can i fix itt?

  • @Erdinn1 Hi,
    can u try to change the browser. I have same problem in Google Chrome, but in Mozila Firefox i didn't have any problem.
    I will wait for your reply.

    P.S.: Is not necessary to post there, and reply in another topic with the same problem. Just 1 topic/1 reply into 1 topic, and you will be helped.

  • I download opera but dosen't work
    i download mozilla too but dosen't work..

  • @Erdinn1 Hi,
    you play on official website? ( ), or you play in facebook?

  • I PLAY on facebook but i have the same problem on websitee

  • @Erdinn1 Hi,
    i play only on Browser and iOS Device, and i didn't have any trouble.
    If you have a phone, can you try to enter o web browser, and enter on official site? ( ), and tell me if on phone browser work.
    I wait for your reply.

  • Yes i can open it
    but it's same problem like pc
    page refresh

  • @erdinn1 Give much information as you can, try to be concise and precise when you ask for help! Some printscreens can help!

  • @AAAAEstevam Hi,
    what screenshot he can give to us, he explained. Whend he click on "my team", his page just refresh.

    @Erdinn1 Hi,
    I think it's a problem about your internet, cuz i just tested, and for me works perfectly. If you have time, you can wait for a higher staff rank to answer.
    Good luck, and have fun on OSM.

  • English Moderator

    Did you also try to remove cookies/cache and temp files?

  • I DID but the same problem

  • @Erdinn1 Hi,
    I still think, the problem is caused by your internet. Try to restart your internet, and your PC.
    You play before Online Soccer Manager ( OSM )?

    P.S.: Is so strange, on PC didn't work, on phone dind't work.

  • Yes i play
    But I think osm ban my network cuz when i want to create a new acc they say
    The computer or network that you're using to play OSM was banned from our servers because of systematic cheating.
    Well I never use cheat...

  • @Erdinn1 Hi,
    You need to start with that answer. If your friend, or brother, or anyelse connected on your network, has played with cheat, your network has ben banned. So what you have to do, i think is:

    Send a mail to, and you can explain there your problem with banned network.
    P.S.: "EN", who is in front of "", is the country's initials. If you live in Romania, put "RO", in front of email, if you live in France, put "FR". I think you got the ideea.
    Good luck and have fun on OSM :medal:.

  • English Moderator

    @erdinn1 In that case you've found the problem.
    Please sent a email to the above email, this topic can be closed.

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