Bug: Offer from computer on player cannot be found.

  • Dear OSM team,

    For months now it happens to me quite often that the computer makes a priceoffer to buy some of my players, but when I open the offer using the to-do-list notification, sometimes the offer-list states that there are no ongoing offers at this moment. However the notification stays put in my to-do-list untill the competition is over. It might possibly have to do with me selling these players in the meantime via the regular transfer market, however I have not had the chance to check this. Either way: If there are no active offers, the notification should not be in my to-do-list that there are. Because sometimes I miss out on new genuine offers, as I tend to think "these offers will probably not exist" when I see them in my to-do-list. It happens both in my webbrowser and on my Iphone.

    Thanks a lot for the game and for taking this into consideration.

    Kind regards,

  • @sjoppiej_nl
    Hi. Some printscreens can help, it is possible you put here?

  • Sorry for the delay, here are some screenshots:

    So the notification bar says that I have a offer pending (and sometimes 10+ offers), however when I click them, it says that there are no active offers pending...

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