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    Hello again

    I played since last year osm , so this summer i want to play osm but when i chose team or create my league and pick team , when i click it page just refresh, I do it with mozilla,google and opera but dosen't work.
    So i think that i need a new acc when I want to create a new acc they say
    The computer or network that you're using to play OSM was banned from our servers because of systematic cheating.
    My ip

  • @Erdinn1 Hi,
    On this topic, i tell you what to do.

    Send a mail to EN.support@onlinesoccermanager.com, and you can explain there your problem with banned network.
    P.S.: "EN", who is in front of ".support@onlinesoccermanager.com", is the country's initials. If you live in Romania, put "RO", in front of email, if you live in France, put "FR". I think you got the ideea.

    Why you start a topic again? If you send email, and no one reply to you'r email, you can wait, the staff of OSM they also have a life.... Just wait if you send email.

  • @erdinn1 It's a decision took by gamebasics some years ago to block the game for majority of ALbanian IPS due to excessive fraud and cheating from albanian users
    it's a company policy and won't be changed in short term.

    The awnser has been given now and next time please don't open a new topic while you've got the awnser to sent a email in that topic.