Injured player grades

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    My goalkeeper got injured last match and scored a 4 while he kept the zero and did nothing wrong. When a player gets a red card I can see that it scores a low grade but for an injury this does not make sense of course. The rest of the team scored at least a 7 and most scored an 8. I hope this bug can be fixed. Thanks in advance!

  • @MennaMontenna_NL Hi,
    i think that isn't a error. Cuz you'r goalkeeper is just a goalkeeper this does not mean, he can't be injured.
    You can wait a reply from a high rank staff.

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    Man, you totally misread my post. I do not say it is an error that my goalkeeper is injured, I think it is an error that when a player gets injured he scores a low grade for that match, in this case a 4 while the rest of the team scored at least a 7. So I hope there can be answered indeed by someone who can do something about it and I recommend to first read the post carefully.

  • @mennamontenna_nl And why should that be a bug?
    if he played like half an hour and performed bad and above that he got injured, why should he get a 7 or an 8?

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