Can't log in to OSM account.

  • Hungarian Users

    So after yesterdays server issues, today the app was shutting itself down every time i opened it. I reinstalled it. And then I coulnd't log in. Couldn't reset password. Didn't receive the email. Then just out of curiosity i created a new account and it was working and i could receive the password reset email of this new account.

    The question is. How the fuck do i acces my account if

    There was no password given when an account is being created,
    Password reset is not working, and now my email is linked to another account
    An interesting question what is my actually used account email if the newly created account could just easily use my gmail address although it supposed to be already used by my other account...

  • Hi, welcome.

    First it's not allowed to create another account for every reason.
    For that kind of problems you should always contact us straight away by email:

    So that's exactly what you should know, explain the situation clear and don't forget to put the manager names in the mail.