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    Hello sir,
    You made a fabulous made. I really appreciate your efforts and creativity. But i am having problem in login. I made my account using your app in Android. During the registration I was not asked my password or email address. I know there is an option for etering email address in the profile option but i didn't give any email ID.
    Now when I want to login into my account, the app is asking for my manager name and password. I was not asked for entering any password. How will I get my password if I haven't provided with any email address
    to the application.

  • @201537tp339 Hi, welcome.
    In that case you always need to contact us by email: EN.support@onlinesoccermanager.com
    It's against the osm terms of use to create more then one account for any reason.
    Don't fofget to provide the manager name in the mail and a clear message about what you're problem is.