• Indonesian Users

    Dear team OSM

    Please help to review the OSM players cheat in the game.
    the league that I play is suspected of fraud in the transfer of players, team OSM please double check the account immediately.
    cheating explanation: There are players who are good players with expensive buy and sell at a low price, these events occur repeatedly
    ID suspected: 1. 1 2. 3. ****

    please help to quickly review, any kind of fraud is not going to benefit the other players


  • @Jim-L-oct Hi mate,

    Welcome to our forums.

    There is a proper place to report cheaters and forum is not the one 😉

    Go to League table, then click on Manager list. Click on the name of the manager you want to report and then you will find on top right "Report as cheater".
    Click in there and follow the instructions.
    Don't forget to activate the report by clicking on the link you'll get on your mail!