• Dutch Users

    Hi there,

    Since 3 days or so I have not seen 1 single transfer sell by simulation in the 2 leagues where I am participating right now.
    I have even put players on transferlist below their value now and still I'm not selling anything.
    Seems like old times where you could only sell up to 10M value or it seems like if - since the update? - the server does not recognize the players with the old ratings anymore.
    Both of my Accounts are on server Thierry I believe.

    Are more people struggling with this / is this problem known?
    Thanks for your prompt reply.

  • @tiems-b-_nl Hi, welcome.
    For next time time it's best to ask server related questions on the Dutch Help forum.
    OSM world is using other servers.
    There are no other reports there at the forum, so I'll just think this is bad luck.
    Since there's no garanty that a player will be sold fast