My points was reduced

  • Hi
    I want to ask you why my points has been reduced from it ? My points was More than my current Points ..
    But suddenly after awhile I came and found that my points was reduced
    I was from the top in my country but now I am very far and when I see my trophies and calculate my points in the cups safe I find them more than the current
    So please dears help me get my points back

  • @raul-gonzalis77777 Hi mate

    This happened because the system ranking was changed couple years ago..

    How does work the manager points:

    The points taken into account to determine your position on ranking are calculated this way:

    Points from last 180 days will count 100%.Points earned on next 520 (from 180 until 700) days will count less on different levels of percentage until they are ultimately counted at 1%.All points older than 700 days will count 1% for your total.

  • English Moderator

    Hi, the above is correct and please do take time to read the common-question topic.


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