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    Guys I play Arsenal and I want to buy draxler how can I find him what to look for? forword +90 attack but it only gives me some other options :S??

  • You should look for an attacker, his style should be defensive because he has 44 defending, the rating should be 90+ and his age should be <25. There are a lot of similar players with those kind of ratings, so it's a matter of luck your scout will return with Draxler.

    Though it's pretty weird you don't get him with those settings. I have been looking around other leagues but I didn't found a lot of players with similar stats... I only found Dembele and Carrasco with similar stats. Maybe you should look around in your own league if someone doesn't have him already.

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    Pay more attention to the ratings of the player you want and you will finally get what you want...