My account was gone after restarting my mobile

  • I was playing OSM on my account. But after I restarted my phone OSM restarted and my account was gone. I'm now logged into a new account, but I can't get back in my account. After deleting OSM and reinstalling in again, it still logs me into a new account. But when I use the site it logs me into my normal account. This is very frustrating because of the progress I had on my normal account. And I just want to use my account with all the progress.

  • @aron-manders_nl This is my normal account by the way. The one where I'm logged into on the app is called ditisaron

  • @aron-manders_nl Hi, welcome.
    Since you play the Dutch version of the game, you need to contact our Dutch support team by email:

    Please explain you're exact problem in the mail and don't forget to include both of the manager names, that saves time.

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