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    Hi i downloaded OSM and went to the business club and it said to download Final Fantasy and upgraded citadel to level 10 to get (1500-2500) im not sure how much exactly but its over 1000 gems and it also said for new users only i was a new user and never received my gems.

    What OSM sent me

    Offers from Business Club are responsibility of our partners. You can check the status of your offers on every offer wall by clicking on bottom on Support/Miss coins link.
    You can also contact them via same process if you think that it's taking way too much time (some may take more than a week to be completed).

    What final fantasy sent me

    I did contact them and this is the email they sent me.

    I'm sorry to hear you haven't received credit for your progress in Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire. Unfortunately, we're only able to assist with things that occur inside of our game, which means I'm unable to see any third-party offers or initiate reward payouts in other apps. I am sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

    You'll need to reach out to OSM's Customer Support to see if they can assist you further.

  • @abdulllah12354 Hi, welcome.
    Please take the time to read this topic common-questions and you will find the awnser yourself on what to do when you don't receive the boss coins from the free special offers.