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    i reported a cheat done by manager: **** in the league: **** which has only 4 rounds remaining the manager's team is **** he made illegal transfera with **** early on in the league , he sold weaker player for high prices and bought big players with small prices he also let both **** and **** to open the match for him and they did by making players in positions they dont play at like putting rooney as a goalkeeper and klassan as a left back , both **** and **** did the same so **** won with big result against them i am really pissed off about this and i have reported this many time but i got no answer and i dont want this manager to win the league this way please

  • Hi, welcome.

    It has been told here already many times, there's no point to try to report it through forums.
    Cheatings will never be discussed or reported through our forums.
    If you already reported it then you need to be patiënt and wait.