• What's your favourite Game shows? Have you entered any? Or do you intend to?

    I hate TV but do enjoy watching a variety of Game (Quiz in particular) Shows. The Chase is my current favourite, and my least favourites are Family Fortunes, Deal or No Deal... Deal or No Deal is a pathetic idea for a show, and they dramatize it to conceal that fact.

  • @WrinkledPaulsack
    Ford Boyard and The Crystal Maze. I am still nostalgic about them...

  • @WrinkledPaulsack How can you not like Deal or No Deal? I love that show not because the host has my same name. 😄 NOEL FOR THE WIN!!!!

    I also like The Chase! alt text

    My favourite are Golden Balls, I love the ending where people split or steal.
    All Star Family Fortunes, such a good game and lot of funny answers too.

    The one I really don't like is Pointless, I find that game boring and pointless (see what I did there haha). 🙂

  • @Medvedini Do you remember Jungle Run? That is my nostalgia show, I used to watch it every time.

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  • @King-Noel said in Game shows:

    Jungle Run

    No, I do not remember this show on Russian TV of that time...

  • To be honest it's been a long time since I last watched any TV Show on my telly. I just wanted to say that I used to enjoy every show that had to do with general knowledge questions cause they were both fun and educational. Just like we have fun while playing Trivial Pursuit ( board game ) :thumbsup_tone1:
    And since I've always been a big fan of music and dance, I also loved the show called: Dancing with the Stars! 👯
    Does anyone else know this tv show? Do you have or had it on your countries tv programm too ? 😃

  • Wheel of fortune is back on our television again, it's still a great game show.

  • @Medvedini Oh Okay. Ford Boyard is a good show, I used to watch that too. 🙂

  • @King-Noel The whole idea of picking boxes at random to win money just lacks any skill. And they just fill the time in between with boring life stories, shite banter and pretending there some sort of tactical prowess involved in picking boxes at random.

    Family Fortunes, I know it's a classic but I just don't find it interesting.

    Egg Heads is another one that I am not keen on, for the reason there is very few questions asked over the whole show (multiple choice too). And I prefer questions to be more quick-fire.

    Yes I remember Jungle Run too. That brings back memories. Used to idolize Sid and Elvis!

    One of the more obscure Quizzes I watched was called Dirty Money, which I enjoyed at the time because it could get a little bit heated and competitive.

  • @WrinkledPaulsack Yeah but Deal or No Deal was really fun for me to watch also to see how much they win by was intresting. But everyone have different opinions haha.

    Glad you also watched Jungle Run!!!! Good old days!!

    Egg Heads are boring to me, and they never lose. I seen them lose few times.

    Also do you know Weakest Link??? I used to watch that too. I love that game show. Such a good quiz.

    alt text

  • @King-Noel I loved "Weakest Link" as well, it was aired here in Croatia years ago as well and we had our own version, I even participated once in 2009 😄 I was only 18 back then and was still in highschool but I was proud on how I did. I got all the way to the final but lost in the "overtime" (extra questions after those 5) 🙂

    Also I love "The Chase". I love to watch British version sometimes on YT as they have fantastic host (Bradley Walsh) but I regurarly watch Croatian version as well (Its called Potjera here 🙂 ) and I was there as well. Didnt manage to escape the "hunter".. Wasnt happy with my performance as I missed some really easy questions.. for isntance I pressed that George Best played for England instead of N.Ireland.. was so angry on myself that I missed that. But oh well, it was my first time on TV in 7 years so stage fright got me a bit 🙂

  • Ahahahaha.😄 I enjoy this topic and your posts so much you guys. Paul thank you a lot for bringing up such an amusing subject for discussion. :thumbsup_tone1:
    Weakest Link was brilliant ! So true, what a banter ! 😆

  • I also like Wheel of fortune but I rarely watch it as it's issued in the morning while I'm at school. My favourite game show is called "Saber y ganar" ("Knowing and winning"), the longest show in all the history of TV in Spain (broadcasted since February 1997). Many people see it as boring and difficult, but I really like it and probably, as soon as I'm 18 i'll try to participate

  • @King-Noel Aye I used to watch The Weakest Link daily. Good show, only downfall was the low cash pot.

    @SUPERNOVA-8 No problem! Good to see some decent discussion.