The Game Swollowed my Boss Coins

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    I spent all my club funds on buying and player, and i needed to upgrade my stadium. So naturally, I would use my boss coins... I spent my 38 boss coins to upgrade stadium, and you guys took the coins, but never let me upgrade stadium. It just sends me an alert saying "not enough club funds". This is the second time this has happened to me, thats 80 boss coins gone for nothing. This is very annoying considering how expensive the stupid currency is... please fix and reimburse. I have screenshots.


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    Hello and welcome.
    Normally if you get that message when trying to upgrade your stadium it means "club funds compensation" was not enabled in your league therefore you were not supposed to be charged at all and upgrade won't be made.
    But since you said you were then please post the full screen shots (containing your manager name) of the amount of coins you have before the upgrade, the error message you received and the amount of coins you have after the error.

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